Sunday January 17,  2021


SmartNET – Digital Smart Grid Interface

Manage and control every supply network

SmartNet002At the heart of MTR's Smart Grid system is the user-friendly and powerful MTR SmartNet© software package.

SmartNet© software provides your utility with a straightforward Graphical User Interface (GUI), powerful setup tools, and robust functionality. This allows your utility to start and add functionality, and grow effectively as needs evolve. SmartNet© software is your platform for taking advantage of future Smart Grid innovations.

SmartNet© software enables you to gain real-time control of your operations—and increase reliability, customer service, and operational efficiency—while building your Smart

SmartNet© Benefits

• Easy to configure, operate and maintain
• Real-time information from multiple Client End Point [CEP] devices
• Allows users access to real-time and historical information
• Alarm management, graphing and report tools
• Fully-scalable
• Reduce operational costs
• Improve response time to events
• Improve system efficiency and performance
• Increase equipment life
• Create automated reports for regulators


MTR SmartNet© Functionality

MTR SmartNet© software presents almost unlimited options for the collection, gathering and processing of CEP data and the presentation of reports.

System Inputs:

• collected data is identifiable by CEP, RTU, etc
• time and interval of collection is dictated to suite operating needs
• individual CEP data collection can be synchronized by both time and interval
• group CEP data collection can be synchronized by both time and interval
• the parameters of event data collection can be set to suite operating needs
• Etc. System Out puts
• Reading – Synchronized Daily 24H Billing Interval
• AMI - Time stamped interval data
• Event – Tamper, Slow/fast Leak, Set leak profile, CEP health
• Data Record – CEP, RTU, Customer, Grid [GIS, Hierarchy, etc.]
• CRM - Customer relationship management

MTR SmartNet© Package

HARDWARE - PC-based workstation running Microsoft Windows™.
SOFTWARE - User-friendly, powerful, pre-installed, commissioned, and tested.
KEY APPLICATIONS - Control Panel for configuring and viewing Client End Point [CEP] data. Includes ability to automate the database creation for common CEP’s and templates for the GUI.
TRAINING - MTR Training on-site during commissioning.
COMMISSIONING - The system is pre-configured, and factory-acceptance tested; a guarantee that the system is fully functional and ready for operation.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT -MTR personnel provide project oversight, assuring that components are configured correctly, software is installed and functioning properly, and schedules are met.
ONE YEAR MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT - is part of the package.


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