Thursday November 26,  2020

RTU- Remote Terminal Unit


The RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) is a data processing unit that operates with battery, equipped with two-way communication radio frequency, ready to be wired to almost any device or endpoint element in a network that is capable of issue a pulse signal, such as; Water meters, gas or electricity; Valve or solenoid-operated switch; Sensors or detection devices.
The processing unit RTU data supports almost all connection interfaces pulse or RS232 / 485, are water meters, gas or electric power and other interface devices. In addition, the unit: Processes all raw data; Packaged and processed data stored in its data logger; Implements and monitors the signals received from the application.
The two-way wireless connectivity RTU allows data communication with the Base Station Unit (BSU), which in turn binds to the application server through a public network through a service provider for data transmission. The unit Transmits data processed to the server where the application resides; Receive and confirm the control signals received application.
The unit has autonomy of operation power supply through battery whose lifetime is 20 years. The RTU allows monitoring and remote control of a network of water, gas or electricity. It may be provided to connect to: A single endpoint. That is, one measuring apparatus; An individual endpoint with valve or switch. That is, equipped with a metering valve restriction service: O to 4 endpoints. That is, four measuring devices.

Technical characteristics

  1. Approval certificate issued by COFETEL to operate with different frequency ranges of between 450-469 MHz, with an output power of 0.5 mW, and receiving sensitivity of -116 dBm (minimum), -118 dBm (typical) (VIEW 1x10-3).
  2. Capacity up to 4 simultaneous connections devices or measuring devices.
  3. Battery life of 20 years in data transmission rates of 4 times per day (4X).
  4. Free of any involvement by electromagnetic interference.
  5. High sensitivity when installed in hard to reach areas.
  6. Ability to work in a hostile and humid environment.
  7. Programmable in various modes and limits.
  8. Stable electromagnetic obstacles.
  9. Battery (accumulator) 3.6 V / 8Ah.
  10. Compatible with a wide range of devices and measuring equipment as well as various types of sensors.
  11. And automatic transmission of alert messages by exceptional events, handling of measuring apparatus, leaks, backflow, low battery and more.
  12. RF signal range normally 1,500 m in NLOS (non-line cards) to 500 mW EIRP, depending on the attenuation of the medium.
  13. RF signal range typically 20 km in LOS (line of sight) to 500 mW EIRP, depending on the installation height.
  14. IP68 protection level.
  15. Operating temperature: -30C + 65C.
  16. Small and light equipment, dimensions 95 x 75 x 45 mm, weight 100 g.



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