Thursday November 26,  2020


Product Line Data

RTI - Digital Register and Two-way RF Communications in your Water Meter

RTI004The digital register and communications units is housed in a robust water proof enclosure, factory pre-wired and pre-programmed for fast and easy field installation in a water meter.

No wires, no mechanical components, totally enclosed secure unit, Enabling bi-directional communication with the meter register.

The unit delivers improved meter accuracy and sensitivity

RTI – All in one. A class C meter with full communication all inside the physical meter:


Final product:



The heart of the Smart Grid system lies with the RTI's ability to:

  • Collect and Analyze interval meter data
  • Provide two way wireless communication with a Base Station
  • Be capable of acting as a repeater for any other RTI in the local area network.
  • Each RTUI includes a data logger of retrievable time stamped historical point data

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