Thursday November 26,  2020

RPU - Repeater Unit

RPU001The SPS ( Repeater Unit) is designed to increase the range and coverage area of the LAN.
The SPS acts as an RF transceiver between BSU (Base Station) and ( the ) module ( s ) radio RTU.
The SPS receives and transmits information between the radio modules RTU and BSU.
The SPS repeater can be equipped with a solar panel and rechargeable backup batteries or may have an external power supply.
Up to three can be installed SPS chain ( hopping ) between ( the ) RTU and BSU .

Technical characteristics

  1. Approval certificate delivered by COFETEL for various frequency ranges of between 450- 469 MHz with an output power of 0.5 mW , and reception sensitivity of -116dBm (minimum) , -118dBm (typical ) (VIEW 1x10-3 ).
  2. Designed to meet the needs of signal processing RF transceiver of up to 1,000 RTU .
  3. Ability to work in a hostile and humid environment.
  4. RF signal range normally 1,500 m in NLOS ( non-line cards) to 500 mW EIRP , depending on the attenuation of the medium.
  5. RF signal range typically 20 km in LOS ( line of sight) to 500 mW EIRP , depending on the installation height.
  6. IP68 protection level .
  7. Operating temperature: -30C + 65C.
  8. Power supply by solar panel and rechargeable battery under backup that give operating autonomy.
  9. Optional equipment with external power supply -110 / 230V AC / 3.6V.
  10. Small, lightweight equipment , dimensions 95 x 75 x 45 mm , weight 100 g.


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