Sunday January 17,  2021

BSU - Base Station Unit

BSU001THE BSU (Base Station Unit) manages the two-way communication radio frequency in the LAN network between the RTU and the carrier of data transmission services used by the WAN. In operation, the transmitted data is stored in the database in SQL Server and other control and monitoring functions are managed from the server software SmartNET . One BSU can manage 40,000 RTU communication and software application SmartNET

In SmartNET software hosted on the application server , access is via web and restricted by a username and password , will allow the monitoring and control of all endpoints in the connected measuring devices water supply , gas network or electric power.

This allows administrators to remotely manage measuring devices , accessed at any time of the measurement information , verifying whether they are connected or disconnected , and many operations more.

Technical characteristics

  1. Approval certificate issued by COFETEL to operate with different frequency ranges of between 450-469 MHz, with an output power of 0.5 mW , and receiving sensitivity of -116 dBm ( minimum) , -118 dBm (typical ) (VIEW 1x10-3 ) .
  2. Reception and signal processing repeater units 40 SPS.
  3. Ability to work in a hostile and humid environment.
  4. RF signal range normally 1,500 m in NLOS ( non-line cards) to 500 mW EIRP , depending on the attenuation of the medium.
  5. RF signal range typically 20 km in LOS ( line of sight) to 500 mW EIRP , depending on the installation height .
  6. Registration data and events in time and precise date .
  7. Firmware Update through Internet connections / USB GSM / GPRS / WI - FI
  8. Power supply by solar panel and rechargeable battery under backup that give operating autonomy.
  9. Optional equipment with external power supply -110 / 230V AC / 3.6V.
  10. Optional surge protection.
  11. IP66-60529 level of protection.
  12. Operating temperature: -30C + 65C.
  13. Small and light equipment , dimensions 95 x 75 x 45 mm , weight 100 g.


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